The action in the Kris Longknife Series plays out in the twenty-fourth century.


  1. Mutineer - Kidnapping rescue. Olympia Humanitarian Mission. Dissolving the Union.
  2. Deserter - Tommy Lien missing. Nelly's rock.
  3. Defiant - PF boats. Tommy's wedding. Defending homeworld.
  4. Resolute - Manning abbondonned station on Chance. Peterwalds try to takeover.
  5. Audacious - Kris meets Vicky firsttime, another interrupted takeover.
  6. Intrepid -
  7. Undaunted - Nelly nearly starts a war. Iteeche. Auntie Tru. Understanding the War. Meeting with King Ray. Ships gone missing. Nelly's children. Texarkana. Bomb. Assault on the Lodge.
  8. Redoubtable - Pirates in Peterwalds backyard
  9. Daring - Mission of Discovery. Bug-eyed aliens. Starting a war. Chief Benny and Col. Cortez missing.
  10. Furious - Drinking again. Escape to New Eden. Breaking into Nuu Tower. The trial. Return to the "Bird People".
  11. Defender -
  12. Tenacious -
  13. Unrelenting -
  14. Bold -