Kris Longknife is a member of the Longknife Family

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Kristine Anne Longknife is the daughter of a political family. When she was ten, her younger brother Eddy was abducted and died at the hands of his abductors. During her adolescence, Kris became addicted to alcohol and prescription medicines.

Kris was described as having her great-grandmother Rita Nuu-Longknife's eyes. Her bloodline included he Apache, Sioux, Blackfoot and Crow nations.[1] In Redoubtable, Victoria Peterwald described Kris's skin as "dark." Kris had visited Earth once. She chose to join the Society of Humanity Navy despite objections from both her parents. She was twenty-two years old in Mutineer.

Commander, Alwa Defense Sector; Senior Executive Officer of Nuu Enterprises in the Alwa System; and United Society Viceroy to the Human Colonists on Alwa as well as Ambassador to the Aliens

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Kris was assigned to Wardhaven's embassy on New Eden and soon found herself the target of assassination attempts. The local officials took little interest until an agent of Henry Smythe-Peterwald XII mounted a major assault on highly-placed citizens of New Eden. Kris has her first encounter with Victoria Peterwald.

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Kris and Jack Montoya become lovers. Kris is tried for crimes against humanity and not found guilty. Kris announces her intention to marry Jack "if he'll have" her.

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Kris and Jack Montoya marry.

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Promoted to Vice Admiral

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Promoted to Admiral

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  • Navy and Marine Corps Medal
  • Earth Order of the Wounded Lion
  • Olympic Humanitarian Award with V
  • Turantic Medical Expeditionary Metal with V
  • Society of Humanity Devolution Service Medal with V
  • Wardhaven Defense Medal
  • Greenfield Pour le Mérite (Neck order)
  • Chance Cross of Gallantry with Silver Star
  • Almar Order of Highest Honor (Neck order; Bright red and gold with a triangular gold medallion)
  • Alwa Hammer of Enlightened Ones aka Bad Conduct Medal (Large golden globe with diamond in center suspended from a light blue ribbon with crossed swords, to denote the destruction of eight alien mother ships. Awarded by Rita Nuu-Longknife)
  • Greenfield Order of St.Christopher, Star Leaper (Awarded for circumnavigating the galaxy)
  • Helvetican Golden Star Burst
  • Bizalt Order of the Rose and Thistle


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