Furious is the tenth book in the Kris Longknife Series. It recounts Kris Longknife's experiences starting with her exile because of her actions in Daring. There is a problem at New Eden requiring Kris's skills and Abby Nightengale, Penelope Lien and Cara smuggle Kris off Madigan's Rainbow aboard Archimedes IV. Upon arriving at Wardhaven, Kris has to evade law enforcement agencies because there is a warrant for her arrest. She meets with her great-grandfather, Terrence Tordon, and her security chief and remantic interest, Jack Montoya. Kris, Penny and Jack attempt to meet with Kris's grandfather, Alex Longknife, who she believes is trying to make contact with the aliens who attacked her fleet for the purpose of establishing commercial ties. While waiting to attempt the meeting, Jack and Kris become lovers. Alex Longknife escapes from his compound by helicopter before Kris can meet with him; Kris uses a shuttle to launch herself into orbit around Wardhaven with Jack and Penny. She seeks asylum on the Musashi Empire IMS Mutsu and is transported to Musashi.

Upon arriving, Kris is tried by a Musashi court for her actions against the Aliens, but not before meeting with the Musashi crown princess and emperor. The trial runs its course and Kris is not convicted; she is also not exactly declared innocent, leaving her future on other planets undetermined. Kris then learns that a shipyard above Musashi is building a new Wasp. This one is a frigate rather than a corvette and is approximately one-half funded by private donations. The remaining cost for the ship is Nelly-inspired "spark" to create another of her children for Kikuchi Katsu, who names his computer Fumio. Nelly also receives the expensive material to make three more children. The party goes to the new Wasp, where they find Edmond Drago waiting for them.