Daring is the ninth book in the Kris Longknife Series. It recounts Kris Longknife's experiences as a lieutenant commander in the Royal United Societies Navy. Kris has a bitter argument with her great-grandfather, King Raymond I. During the argument, Maurice Crossenshield admits to having sent video of Raymond's meeting with an Iteeche about missing Iteeche scouts to the Greenfield Empire and the Musashi Empire. At the conclusion of the meeting warships from the Greenfield Empire, Helvetica Confederacy and Musashi Empire jump into Wardhaven space with the stated intent of assisting in the search for whatever is attacking Iteeche scouts.

The combined fleet jumps to the Santa Maria system and from there to a point fifteen thousand light years from Santa Maria. They are attacked and win; the attackers appear to have been of human form, but with different DNA. Shortly after the engagement, Ron'sum'Pin'sum'We qu Chap'sum'We arrives with his staff.

Soon thereafter, Wasp discovers a huge mother ship of aliens that resemble those that attacked earlier. The mother ship attacks and ships of the combined fleet die. Wasp escapes through a jump with two other RUSN corvettes. Two battleships, one Greenfield and one Hevitican, escape through another jump following a RUSN messenger that left earlier. A battered Wasp jumps to the far side of the Galaxy and eventually finds its way home to Alien 1. During the flight, three of Nelly's "childrten are destroyed when their owners are killed. At Alien 1, Kris is ordered to report to Admiral Sandy Santiago at Chance. Santiago places Kris under arrest and sends her to Wardhaven on a fast messenger boat. At Wardhaven, Kris has the usual family argument with King Raymond I and is assigned to a patrol boat squadron on Madigan's Rainbow to keep her away from the media.

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