Al Longknife is a member of the Longknife Family

Background Edit

Alexander "Al" Longknife had been the prime minister of Wardhaven at the time Edward Longknife was abducted. Because his grandgather Ernest Nuu had Nuu Enterprises heavily invested in new planet development, expansion and growth, there was little available cash to pay the ransom. However Henry Smythe-Peterwald XI offered to lend Alex the money for Eddy's ransom and promised they'd workout the details later. The police found Eddy's body, making the loan unnecessary. (William Longknife told Kris Longknife he had gotten the ransom from Alex.)

Appearances Edit


Alex told Kris the story of the ransom loan offer after Kris described the attempts on her life. He also offered Kris a job with Nuu Enterprises.